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Potted Trees


Spring:  We begin digging trees as soon as the frost goes out of the ground and dig trees until around the 1st of June.  We typically have a selection of trees available through the summer for purchase.

Fall: We start digging trees again September 1st and dig until the ground freezes.

At Conklin Tree Farms we strive to make sure that the potted tree you purchase has the best chance of survival. Because of that we do not dig in the summer months as this will hinder tree survival and growth.


Conklin Tree Farms is open by appointment in the spring and fall.  You are welcome to stop by but with being busy with planting jobs and field work, it is best to call ahead of time as there may not be anyone here to help you.
Phone: 715-632-2036

Cell: 715-533-3564



Black Hills Spruce: 3ft - 8ft

Myers Spruce: 3ft - 4ft

White Pine: 3ft - 8ft

Balsam Fir: 3ft - 10ft

Canaan Fir: 4ft - 10 ft

Fraser Fir: 4ft - 10ft

Hardwood Trees: Call for sizes, varieties, and prices.

Conifer Pricing

18" - 2ft tree $35.00

2ft - 3ft tree $45.00

3ft - 4ft tree $60.00

4ft - 5 ft tree $75.00

5ft - 6ft tree $90.00

6ft - 8ft tree $130.00

8ft - 10ft tree $160.00

Trees up to 6ft are containerized in a ball and burlap, and available for pickup at the Farm or delivery by arrangement.

Note: 6-8ft trees are packaged into a 32" burlap ball and weigh approximately 600 lbs.

            8-10ft trees are packaged into a 40" burlap ball and weigh approximately 1,200 lbs.


To place an order click on the link below or scan the QR code.  Fill out the form and we will follow up with you.

Tree Order Form

Contact Information:

715-533-3564 - Cathy

715-632-2036 - Adam

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