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Tree Transplanting

We offer tree transplanting of Spruce, Fir, Pine and Hardwood trees.  We have trees available or can move trees that you have on your property.


We have a 42" tree spade on a skid steer on tracks, which allows us to get into most places. We can dig conifers up to 10 feet tall and hardwoods up to 3 1/2" diameter.  

We can haul up to 9 trees at a time.  8 trees is considered a full load.

We start transplanting after April 1st provided the frost is out of the ground.  We dig until early June and then start again the 1st of September and continue until the ground freezes.  



Please call or email for pricing.  Price will vary depending on species of tree, quantity of trees and the distance we need to travel.  Please provide an address so we can accurately quote you. 


Also if you want us to move trees that you have on your property please call or email for pricing.  We will charge by the hour for this.

For inquiries you can click on the link or scan the QR code and we will get back to you.

Tree Order Form

Contact Information

715-533-3564 Cathy

715-632-2036 Adam

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